The Eschaton at IgFest in Bristol Saturday 8th Sept

I’m very excited to be taking my game The Eschaton to Bristol as part of IgFest, the UK’s biggest street games festival, this Saturday. It’s part of the IgFest Fringe and specific timings haven’t been confirmed yet but I will post them as soon as they are. It’ll be in afternoon between 1 pm and 7 pm though. To play, you need to come along to the IgFest pop shop and get tokens.  Full details on the IgFest website (see link).  I’ve been developing The Eschaton for several months now after originally playtesting at the BAC with Coney as part of a Day of Play and then taking it to playARK in Cardiff and Playpublik in Berlin.  There are lots of other very exciting games going on: three headline games: two from Slingshot: 2.8 Hours Later and Cargo and one from Splash and Ripple called Incitement, which I know a little about (not going to reveal anything but I think it’s going to be pretty incredible).  Also lots of fantastic companies running games on the Fringe. Particularly looking forward to finally getting a chance to play Larkin About’s Hacked Off.  So, if you’re anywhere near Bristol or fancy a trip down there, there’s a whole lot of fun to be had on Saturday!

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