The Deed - a play test in Bristol on 25th Oct

You may remember that back in September I was looking for people to help test out a new game I am developing with Tim Kindberg.  After that very early jam at Westfield Shepherds Bush, we’re now doing a “proper” play-test of the game, which for the moment we are calling The Deed, at Cabot Circus in Bristol on Thursday 25th October at 6.00 pm.  If you’re interested in playing (it’s free!) please e-mail or fill in the “Ask Me Anything” form in the right hand menu.  We need to know what kind of phone you’ve got and what your mobile number is.

There are two teams and you’ll find out what team you’re on and what your starting point is going to be closer to the time. The game is part race, part espionage and you will need your phone (fully charged) as well as your ability to blend into the crowd… Think Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: The Game!

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